Love these 'dens' at Elements Child Care and Early Learning Centre (",)

Elements Child Care and Early Learning Centre. Elements Childcare and Early Learning Centre is a family owned and operated centre, where the focus.

Being belonging becoming sign

Being belonging becoming sign that is made from wood and reflects what early learning is all about for the children.

Loose parts exploration & discovery space at Sandringham Primary School ≈≈

Gorgeous little outdoor area at Sandringham Primary School. loose parts, rainbow blocks & a mirrored space, image shared by Walker Learning Approach: Personalised Learning (",)

Interaction Imagination: A collection Of Outdoor spaces for learning and play...

This is such a great idea for an outdoor environment. It fits into the outdoor space naturally, because of the wood it is made of, its a great addition.

Nature Enquiry Space at Discovery Learning Centre

Magnifying glasses, photos, sorting trays, and an eye level display encourage exploration.

Mother Duck Childcare by Context | A indoor-outdoor "street" for play

This is the picture that got the ideas rolling! I would love to have each classroom on the bottom floor have access to a deck and play yard. Mother Duck Childcare by Context