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Greek bean soup (fasolada)

This traditional Greek soup is often referred to as the national dish of Greece and is made using a simple combination of vegetables, tomato paste and stock, with the enriching addition of cannellini beans and a dash of chilli powder.

One Mother Hen: Broccoli and stilton soup

Broccoli and stilton soup

You can beat finding absolute bargains at the supermarket. While doing my last big shop, I bought two packets of Stilton cheese. At their usual price they were $10.98 each, I could not leave them there for $1.10 each. They were swiftly put in the freezer upon arriving home. Being an imperfect housewife, I still had a head of broccoli in the bottom of the fridge that was threatening to turn a lovely shade of yellow. The only thing I could think of to use it all at once, was soup. The weather…

One Mother Hen: Pumpkin soup with some spice and a coconut twist

Pumpkin soup with some spice and a coconut twist

I've been feeling exceptionally shit lately. My anxiety is dreadful at the moment, and I am struggling. I am recognising that I am eating my emotions and have stacked on the weight. The last few days I have made a pact with myself to move more, and stop binging on crap. I need to drink more water too. In February I started #flourishinfebruary. For the month I posted three things that went well every day. When February was over I stopped. I shouldn't have stopped, although it's been in the…

One Mother Hen: Celery and potato soup

Celery and potato soup

I knew I felt like soup for lunch. The days are getting pretty cool in the south east of South Australia. It's feeling very much like comfort food weather, soup weather. I'd ducked into the supermarket, there greeting me as I walked in, were bunches of celery for one whole dollar. Yes please! I came home and made soup for lunch, and it was choice! The leftover celery I wrapped in alfoil, and kept in the fridge. I saw this tip on Facebook a while ago, and it really works. The celery stays…

One Mother Hen: A free autumn harvest and some soup.

A free autumn harvest and some soup.

With the early rain in autumn and days, that are slightly warmed by the suns rays, mushroom spores are brought to life in the soil. Mushrooms are springing up from the ground, in our favourite foraging grounds. I like to think they are secret, but there is no doubt, other people know about them too. I never forget the time, as we drove home from Brett's brothers house, on Mayurra Road. He was driving and I was just gazing out the window, probably mesmerized by the wind towers in the…

One Mother Hen

One Mother Hen

Mother chick, living in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia. Posts about her garden, kitchen recipes and everyday life happenings.

One Mother Hen: Lentil soup from leftovers

Lentil soup from leftovers

There is one thing that my family know. If there's any left over meat from a pork roast, the next day they'd be getting fried rice. It's my favourite go to recipe for pork leftovers. There is a new thing, they will too, come to know. After a roast chook, they can bet their bottom dollar, there will be chickeny lentil soup on the stove the next day! You will need: 1 leftover roast chook carcass. If there is stuffing, remove it. Place chicken carcass in a large saucepan, and if there is any…

One Mother Hen: Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup

Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup

I made this soup last Friday. I had one of those cook-up days; muffins, soup and stir fry. Good comfort cooking on a freezing cold day. I shared my soup on social media, Instagram first, then shared it to Facebook(or Facey, as I like to call it). Endearing isn't it, even though Facey isn't giving us bloggers much love back. I also try to remember to share it to Google+. I had a conversation with someone a couple of weeks ago about Facebook, they had no idea of my over-sharing tendencies. I…

One Mother Hen: Leek, bacon and potato soup

Leek, bacon and potato soup

Again we come home from Mums with veggie goodness! Perpetual leeks from her garden(I have them too, but not as good looking as these ones!), and spuds from Kalangadoo, no doubt given to her by a good friend from the town I grew up in as a kid. Real brushed spuds, grown in volcanic dirt, unlike the ones from this story featured in current affairs telly this week. The obvious creation was Leek and potato soup. So this was my lunch on Wednesday, with all the trimmings, and it was…

One Mother Hen: Winter warmer soup #openslather
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Winter warmer soup #openslather

I have started making big pots of soup again, the days are getting very cold with icy winds straight from the southern ocean. Lunch for me has been good the past month. Yesterday I made a lentil and veggie soup, it was especially good with a ladle full over some baked fish, it was seriously good. Gorgeous minestrone, made with an Italian dried soup mix. When my sister and I first moved out of home, I wanted to make lasagne and my sister berated me because I didn't know how. "It's on the…

One Mother Hen: Amazing cauliflower soup

Amazing cauliflower soup

Make this soup and I can guarantee your taste buds will thank you, it is awesome. Cauliflowers have been cheap the past couple of weeks, I picked one up on my last big shop, along with a leek. Little shite was stealing pieces of cauli, but she won't eat cooked veggies! 120 grams bacon, chopped 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 leek (about 170 grams of) sliced 1 head cauliflower(850 grams) 6 cups of vegetable stock (vegeta brand) Cook bacon for a few minutes on medium heat. Add sliced leeks and saute…

One Mother Hen: Asparagus soup

Asparagus soup

I've had a box of canned asparagus at the bottom of my pantry for ages. After giving me a few cans, Mum decided to give me the whole box she had bought in bulk. I used some to make a delicious quiche, that was over a year ago. Over the weekend I made soup. I had a handful of frozen scallops left and some mortadella in the fridge, so I used them up too. I bought a frozen bag of scallops at the supermarket, totally meant for scallop pies, but have used them all in soups, or used soup as the…

One Mother Hen: Sunset soup

Sunset soup

I've called this sunset soup because of the colours in it's vegetables. Pumpkin, sweet potato, red capsicum and carrot remind me of the hues in a good sunset. It's very healthy, and makes a perfect veggie meal. I have just started the food combining diet. It is not so much a diet than a lifestyle change for the better. I was feeling toxic, bloated, unbalanced, tired. It was time to make a change. A few days in and I felt better already. It makes me feel better on the inside, which in turn…

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