Bespoke hopper and gutter, designed by Glenn Murcutt

Assignment 5: Case Study of Glenn Murcutt’s Magney House

Baan Nong Bua by Junsekino A+D Team

Jun Sekino redesigns earthquake-damaged school in Thailand

Vivienda Marie Short /  Kempsey, Nueva Galés del Sur, Australia / 1974-1975 / 1980 (reforma)

Offical Website of Architecture Foundation Australia and the Glenn Murcutt Masterclass.

Jun Sekino replaces earthquake-damaged school in Thailand with stilted classrooms

Jun Sekino redesigns earthquake-damaged school in Thailand

Bangkok-based Jun Sekino designed these elevated classrooms in northern Thailand in response to a severe earthquake, which destroyed the orginal school

Pritzker Prize winning architect Glenn Murcutt is known for his earth-friendly, energy-efficient designs. The Magney House stretches across a a barren, wind-swept site overlooking the ocean in New South Wales, Australia. The long low roof and large windows capitalize on natural sunlight.

Modern Houses, A Visual Tour of the 20th Century

Image 8 of 11 from gallery of Happy Birthday Glenn Murcutt! Magney House, New South Wales, Australia, 1984 © Anthony Browell, Courtesy the Pritzker Prize Committee

Called Nubian vault, the technique originates from the ancient civilisation of Nubia located in what is today northern Sudan and southern Egypt. It enables the creation of vaulted roofs from mud bricks without the need for any other supporting structures.

Video: Nubian vault building technique could "transform housing in Africa"

“La Voûte Nubienne revives ancient building technique to "transform housing" in Africa”

Gallery - The Mutende Project II / Orkidstudio - 5

Gallery of The Mutende Project II / Orkidstudio - 5

Proyecto Mutende II / Orkidstudio The Mutende Project II / Orkidstudio – Plataforma Arquitectura

Nakuru Project,© Odysseas Mourtzouchos

Gallery of Nakuru Project / Orkidstudio - 3

Image 3 of 24 from gallery of Nakuru Project / Orkidstudio. Photograph by Odysseas Mourtzouchos

Falatow Jigiyaso Orphanage / F8 architecture + Gérard Violante

Falatow Jigiyaso Orphanage / F8 architecture + Gérard Violante

Built by architecture,Gérard Violante in Bamako, Mali with date Images by Vanja Bjelobaba. The story of Falatow Jigiyaso orphanage begins in Bamako. In Fatoumata Goundourou found an orphan baby in the s.

Kéré Architecture :: Opera Village

Diébédo Francis Kéré and his architectural firm design buildings that are good for the environment — and those who use them.