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an open notebook sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Mel Armstrong on Instagram: "Day 15/100 of #the100dayproject I’ve had many people ask me how I come up with my ideas each day. Well mostly I have a quick flick through one of my gardening magazines or my abundance of flower photos on my phone and grab a flower or two to paint. Or sometimes I pick a couple of doodles from my doodle sketch book. But today I had no idea! Nothing was jumping out at me! So I decided to paint some motifs from an old digital design I did a couple of years ago.
an open book with three different designs on the pages and one is orange, blue, and white
Sketchbook - 100 day project that turned to a 50 day project — Gooseberry Moon
an open book with blue and white designs on the pages next to a stamp pad
100 day project — Blog — Gooseberry Moon
100 day project — Blog — Gooseberry Moon
a hand holding an open book with birds painted on it
Workshops — Sarah van Dongen Illustration
several pieces of art work are laid out on a table with paint and pencils
Experiments in Blue by Lisa Congdon -
Experiments in Blue by Lisa Congdon -
an open book with red and blue designs on the cover, sitting on a blue surface
Polina Oshu
Pattern sketches by Polina Oshu
100 Days of Mini Sketchbooks by Molly Egan -
Molly Egan