Gold Coast and other places in Australia

Here's some information about the Gold Coast and other places in Australia.
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Jacracanda Street, Sydney, Australia

Let Us Enjoy The Nature -Jacaranda Street, Sydney, Australia. Purple flowers on the jacaranda tree. Jacaranda tree lined street.

Claustral Canyon in the Blue Mountains | 34 Reasons Australia Is The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

34 Reasons Australia Is The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

Blue Mountains, Australia / Carsten Peter - Yay, a destination within my reach! Wild, remote and beautiful, the blue mountains are a must see for any avid traveller!

Mitchell Falls, The Kimberley - Places to see in Australia

Bucket List - Our 1 Year Road Trip in Australia

Mitchell Falls, Western Australia - Places to see on an Australian road trip!

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Underwater photo of coral on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (via Most Beautiful Places In The World)

Is Sydney, Australia on your travel bucket list? Check out this ultimate guide of things to see & do and where to stay.

Best Things to Do in Sydney - Ultimate City Guide

Spring Break 2016 - Sydney Travel Tips - The Ultimate Guide on things to see and do in Sydney, Australia

Australian National Anthem

for those Australians who grew up singing God Save the Queen and never bothered to learn the words because they wanted Waltzing Matilda as the replacement National Anthem.

Map of the famous and strange 'Big Things' of Australia including the Big Banana and the Big Prawn that form part of any great Australian road trip.

Big Things of Australia Map --For some reason (that I have never truly understood), Aussies love to make *Big Things*! :D The infographic here intends to educate the tourists about some Australian travel attractions.