Caramel Slice | Kim Beach

This slice is sooo delicious - great to store in the freezer and share with friends when they come around or keep ready as a treat for the kids.

It's creamy, easy to make, good for you and it's simply delicious!

Chocolate & Berry Gelato 3 frozen Bananas 1 cup frozen berries ¼ cup Cacao 1 tsp Vanilla essence Mix and eat

Black Bean Brownies | Kim Beach

These are super yummy and not overly sweet. They are high in fibre and protein and a great treat to enjoy!

Berry Muffins | Kim Beach

A quick and easy snack, great to have around the house or at work for those late afternoon cravings, the kids will love them too!

Blueberry Cheesecake | Kim Beach

I love a good poke cake and this one had me hooked straight away . I really love the fact that this cake has that cheesecake aspect to it too.

Raw Choc Slice | Kim Beach

Rich but oh so good - one word 'YUM'. This recipe take a little bit of planning as you must allocate time for soaking and freezing but it is well worth the

My Healthy Pavlova | Kim Beach

Simplicity is the key to this delicious dessert. It is visually stunning and the yoghurt is a fantastic and satisfying substitute for normal cream.

Delicious Cherry Sorbet | Kim Beach

Its been really humid and hot around Australia this week, this is a perfect summer dessert with a real WOW factor and best of all contains no processed sugar.

Raspberry Cinnamon Tarts | Kim Beach

These make an amazing healthy sweet treat (great with a coffee or herbal tea) ….

Cherry Ripe | Kim Beach

For all those lovers of dark chocolate this rich cherry ripe slice is for you!

Macadamia Fudge | Kim Beach

This is a great easy treat to keep in the freezer for when unexpected friends drop by if it lasts that long x

Choc Balls | Kim Beach

These little balls are so yummy and are a fantastic healthy treat for the kids lunch boxes :-)

Chocolate Mousse | Kim Beach

If you are a chocolate lover this chocolate mousse is for you. The mousse is extremely rich and tastes devine!