More ideas from Allan
Menu interaction - fashion platform GIF by Ben Dunn

Been working on the fashion platorm app menu, playing around with different layouts. Starting to look into the interaction aspects. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Overview Screen / Karol Ortyl

Some of the best web and mobile app designs have a very limited colour range. Two or three colours can be more than enough, and I find that a restrained approach to colour works especially well on de-cluttered interfaces.

Showcase of Beautiful Flat UI Design

Behold web and user interface designers, a new trend (or style) is taking the world of UI and website design by storm – flat design.

surf guide app

The waves graphic design effect really brings out the creativity of the [industrial] design Nokia have devised.

Operator — A new communications app for the iPhone :)

Operator — A new communications app for the iPhone that allows users to stay in contact with their friends and family through the easy functionality of gesturing with one’s finger.

Rando App

Rando App User Interface (possibly the "story" screen)