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an iron screen is shown in front of a potted plant on the window sill
a large building with the number 40 on it's side in front of some grass and trees
the entrance to a modern home at night
the room divider is made out of wood and has an intricate design on it
Laser Cut Screens_Modern Metal Furniture_manufacture and ship worldwide
Decoration effect of laser cut screens.
shadows cast on the wall and floor in an empty room with white walls, windows and perfored screens
Binh Duong School / VTN Architects
Binh Duong School / Vo Trong Nghia + Shunri Nishizawa + Daisuke Sanuki
an open door with the word eva on it in front of a building's entrance
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Naga Rio / Ricardo Miura
a room with a chair and a screen on the door
The Design Walker
The Design Walker • .: Pass Through Doors, Metals Screens, Screens...
a living room with white couches and black coffee table in front of an intricate screen
Screenings, Outdoor Decor, Privacy & Landscape Products - Chippy's Outdoor Melbourne
Laser cut screens
an image of a marble wall with metal grates on it's sides and a gold door handle in the middle
It's all in the details #UNIQFINDinspo
the inside of a room with an open door and decorative screens on the outside wall
Australian Interior Design Awards
2012 Australian Interior Design Awards - Emerging Interior Design Practice (Commendation)
shadows cast on the side of a building as it sits next to a long wall
Laser Cut Decorative Screens Melbourne Sydney Perth Brisbane Adelaide
CUTOUT quality security laser - cut space screens custom screens.
an intricate laser cut metal screen on a wooden floor with concrete wall in the background
Laser cut screens and Laser cut panels
Functionality and art