Pizza Recipes

Plain cheese or add the lot - the best pizza recipes are all on this board!
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This Caper and Olive Tapenade is great spooned onto pizza with goat cheese and rocket. @

Caper and Olive Tapenade

This is a fresh and tasty olive tapenade without anchovies. Serve with other dips and your favourite crackers or bread.

Great for pizza! Basil and Tomato Pesto @

Basil and Tomato Pesto

Pesto is normally based on basil but this recipe includes passata, tomato puree and sun dried tomatoes for fabulous flavour and colour.

Mushroom & capsicum pizza

Mushroom & capsicum pizza

Pizza is easy to make using a prepared pizza crust. The topping makes all the difference - this one features lots of fresh peppers, mushrooms and herbs.

Pesto is a fresh and easy sauce alternative for pizza. @


This is an authentic Genovese pesto and you won't find a tastier recipe! Watch it being made in the Allrecipes Pesto video.

Pizza base @

Pizza base

Pizza base @

Easy Pizza Dough @

Easy Pizza Dough

Quick and easy pizza dough, no kneading required. See the recipe plus a helpful video and have homemade pizza in under an hour.

Potato and Rosemary Pizza @

Potato and Rosemary Pizza

Double-onion pizza

Double-onion pizza

A bought pizza base makes quick work of this caramelized onion, fresh mozzarella and sage-topped pizza.

Pesto Pizza with Prosciutto @

Pesto Pizza with Prosciutto

This is a simple but tasty pizza. Experiment with the various pestos available or make your own!

A pizza with roasted butternut pumpkin and parmesan or pecorino cheese. A delicious vegetarian dinner.

Roasted Butternut Pumpkin Pizza

A pizza with roasted butternut pumpkin and parmesan or pecorino cheese. A delicious vegetarian dinner.

Pizza in a Portobella

Pizza in a Portobella

BBQ Pizza @

BBQ Pizza

Simple pizza cooked outside on your barbecue on a prepared pizza base. Feel free to use your favourite toppings. I used bacon, tomato, mushrooms and onions.

Pizza is all about the toppings. No Simmer Pizza Sauce @

No Simmer Pizza Sauce

Simple homemade pizza sauce that is ready in no time. Uses only passata, tomato puree, oregano, garlic and paprika. Just stir ingredients together then use.

Quick Honey Pizza Base @

Quick Honey Pizza Base

This is a super quick pizza base - you don't have to let it rise for more than a few minutes. Use with your favourite pizza toppings.