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Allis Stokes
Eucalyptus sideroxylon subsp. faucett's pink form

Euc Beaut! A tribute to an Aussie Icon

A celebration of eucalypts around the world

Ironbark Eucalyptus ~ Botanical Study-0

Portfolio - Heidi Willis

Created for the Victorian Catchment Management Council's 20th anniversary celebrations, this A4 botanical illustration captures the beauty of the Mugga Ironbark Eucalyptus and will be used across several applications for this event

Banksia menziesii botanical illustration by Helen Fitzgerald

Banksia menziesii 569a | Helen Fitzgerald - Botanical & Wildlife artist

Framing Nature - 7-22 November - Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR)

Framing Nature - 7-22 November

Framing Nature

Julie Hickson Australian stencil artist

Australian Botanical

Today I discovered the work of Julie Hickson, an Australian artist. I find that botanicals inspire me the most (watch this space for the 2018 Pickle Design calendar!!!). Nature can be represented i…

Строение фрезии

Фрезия: выращивание из клубнелуковиц, посадка и уход, размножение, интересные виды

Описание видов и сортов фрезии. Жизненный цикл развития. Условия выращивания и ухода. Декоративное применение

Eucalyptus nuts & flowers

Eucalyptus nuts & flowers

Beth Phillip - Society of Botanical Artists

Beth acquired a Special Honours Degree in Botany at Kings College, London and a Diploma in Education at Bristol University. She was Head of Biology at Sir William Perkins School, Chertsey, Surrey (1966-1969) and later, Head of Careers Counselling and teacher of biological sciences at the British School of Brussels, Belgium (1979-1990). In 1969, her reference monograph “The Bacteria” was published. After moving to the United States in 1990, Beth undertook voluntary work with the Brandywine…

Eucalyptus ficifolia paradalote - Helen Fitzgerald

C ficifolia paradalote 1176 | Helen Fitzgerald - Botanical & Wildlife artist

Dianne Emery - Botanical


Dianne Emery - Botanical Artist