letter box

There it is! There are three pink things I wish for in my life: A pink mac (wish granted!), a pink car, and a pink mailbox. Do you think pink mailboxes receive more mail?

bike stand!

Benjamin Petersen is raising funds for Bench, The People's Workshop on Kickstarter! We are creating a space for local artisans and entrepreneurs as well as hobbyists and homeowners to come, dream, and create.

Upcycle Fetish by Andreas Scheiger, via Behance

‘Upcycle Fetish’ is a project by Austrian designer Andreas Scheiger, wherein he transforms bicycle seats and handlebars into taxidermy trophies/bike racks.

bike stand/drawer

TÎAN is the perfect combination of function and design. Whether single speed, retro race bike, or custom made – TÎAN shows off your bike to its best advantage. MIKILI – Bicycle Furniture: Made with ♥ in Berlin www.

bike stand    From fab.com

I love this bike rack/shelf idea.tho vertical may be easier in tight space. Multi-Purpose Furniture That Changes Function In No Time

TomTom Letter Box

TomTom Letterbox