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38 Pretty Hilarious Quotes

You know I can speak Sarcasm fluently, I count that as my main language and I know people don’t take it much as a talent.

Mad Men isn't just one of this decade's best shows, it's also absolutely gorgeous.

What's a common car you've always wanted to try driving? Read on>

16 Perfect Books To Fill The Void Left By Mad Men

16 Perfect Books To Fill The Void Left By Mad Men

For better or worse parenting as an INTJ mom

For better or worse life as an INTJ mom.The Meyers and Briggs personality test is a useful tool. The intj mom may have alot of.

Writing about INTJs is something of a challenge when you aren’t one, yourself. Nevertheless, they remain among the rarest and most interesting human beings in the world worth evaluating and w…

9 Times Colin Firth Played An Awkward But Lovable Character — Aside From 'Bridget Jones' Diary'

Photo Credit: Portishead1 - 532164238. WHy Being an INTJ Female is Great.

Why Don't People Like INTJ Females? For me, this is one of those questions that hints more at what INTJ females project than a reflection of the truth.

Why INTP, ENTP, INTJ, and ENTJ Females Get "Bullied"

Did you know that certain personality types experience bullying more frequently than others? Discrimination based on someone’s type is often …