Peanut Bubble Crunch

Read our delicious recipe for Peanut Bubble Crunch, a recipe from The Healthy Mummy, which is a safe way to lose weight after having a baby.


Tasheena shares her top 20 sugar reduced recipes with Lose Baby Weight which is a healthy eating plan and exercise routine to help lose pregnancy weight.

Healthy Coconut Caramel Chocolate Tarts

Healthy Mum Ash Petroff has made these amazing coconut caramel chocolate tarts. So DELICIOUS and only 90 calories.

Frozen Raspberry And Yoghurt Bites

These delicious frozen raspberry and yoghurt bites will satisfy any late night sweet craving and only 50 calories. Perfect as part of a healthy eating plan

Raspberry Bombs

Read our recipe for Raspberry Bomb Bliss Balls as a part of Lose Baby Weight a breastfeeding safe, healthy eating and exercise plan designed for busy mums

Chocolate Volcanoes

These melt in your mouth dark chocolate and raspberry volcanoes are an easy to make flavour explosion - try them today!

Healthy Chocolate Coconut Salted Balls

Lose baby weight - We are sharing our 10 most popular Healthy Mummy bliss ball recipes in May.

Healthy “Bounty” Cake

Lose Baby Weight's motivating mum Kimberley has sent in her recipe for a healthy bounty flavoured cake

Caramel Bites

If you& a caramel lover, we have good news. We& found a way to keep you enjoying the flavours you love with this fantastic recipe AT ONLY 58 calories


See the Lose Baby Weight Chocolate & Strawberry Parfait Recipe that you can use as part of your healthy eating and weight loss plan post pregnancy

Choc Almond Breakfast Bars

Some mornings you’ve just got to get up and get moving, so these Choc Almond Breakfast Bars will be a perfect breakfast option.