Captain boomerang strikes again!!!!

The Daily Scramble

Only in Australia . visit Australia buy a boomerang, take it home see how customs etc likes it.

I'm so American, it took me several seconds to decipher this.

Australian Road Safety

Funny pictures about Australian Road Safety. Oh, and cool pics about Australian Road Safety. Also, Australian Road Safety photos.

Summer in Australia

mintgal: “itsrevydutch: “ vorchagirl: “ cryingmajoralenko: “ vorchagirl: “ tangentqueenofdragons: “ is this a thing that can actually happen? ” I’ve never tried it, but given how hot the.

Id probably do this too lol and I dont think this is in Australia because the money there looks like American money

Meanwhile, Somewhere in Australia...

Calor por aí?

Calor por aí?

Funny pictures about Signs that summer is coming. Oh, and cool pics about Signs that summer is coming. Also, Signs that summer is coming.

Australia map

Happy Australia Day 26th Jan 2015

Funny pictures about Tsunami evacuation plan. Oh, and cool pics about Tsunami evacuation plan. Also, Tsunami evacuation plan photos.

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