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Aight if u haven't watched this jk was in his room and he was playing music and singing pretty loud and so jm comes in saying "I can hear that from all the way down the hall" and jk wants his revenge (of course) so he BLASTS Lie and it takes jm a minute to get there so before jk says yk oh I guess he isn't coming so he goes back to eating his seaweed and kimchi and whatever and out of the blue this^^ happens and it turned out that jimin trIPPED OVER HIS DAMN DOOR (yoongi flashbacks…

Kookie was trying to get Jiminie's attention xD he succeeded in annoying both members of 95 line.

Hahahaha lol my baby's momma is too precious!

That's JB's mom on the far left, I wonder how she reacted LOL