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there is a quote on the wall in this space that says we are not afraid to be great
RAM - Wall Decal Design
I love playing with typography, even more so when it’s a powerful quote so I was thrilled to be asked to design this wall decal for the new RAM office on the Gold Coast. These words not only empower a team working together, they make an impact on every client that walks through the door. Change the ‘we’ to an ‘I’ and this quote also stands for all the values in which I choose to live by in my day to day life. What impactful quotes do you live by?
three business cards on top of each other
Revive Timber Designs - Logo Design
Having designed so many logos they seem to always be in my field of vision. What I’ve noticed is that logos really don’t need to be obvious, they just need to grab peoples attention and get them asking, “what’s that about?”. This was the aim with the @revive_timber_designs logo. Even though they create finely crafted designs with timber, we didn’t want to be restricted with using timber in the logo. Instead we were able to create a unique and graphic design that catches people attention.
various makeup products on a marble plate next to a potted plant and greenery
Minerelle Australia - Logo Design
I choose to only use organic or natural products be it food, cleaning products or makeup, especially as makeup is something I ware daily so when Minerelle Australia contacted me to re-design their logo and packaging I was over the moon.
various makeup products sitting on top of a marble table next to a potted plant
Minerelle Australia - Brand Design
Ok ladies, who is a lot more cautious about what they put on their skin these days? I know I am, I’ve always tried to keep everything as natural as I can, especially when it comes to makeup as I use it daily, so when @minerelle_australia needed a re-brand I jumped at the chance and the end result looks amazing.
the stationery is laid out neatly on top of each other
Harbour Oak Property - Logo Design
I love creating logos. Working with my clients to pull together their vision and message of their business, into an identifiable symbol is amazing. It becomes brand creation. Being able to apply that branding across stationery, websites, packaging etc. feels very satisfying. For me, and many of my clients, it seems to complete things. They are always so proud to have their logo appear across lots of media. This was a logo I recently designed new a new real estate agency, Harbour Oak Property.
two bags of coffee sitting next to each other on a white counter top, one is black and the other is pink
I Am - Packaging Design
Who like me buys products based on how pretty the label is? People naturally choose by first impressions, especially with labels and a good design delivers exactly that. It’s amazing how the right font, colour and placement of the text makes all the difference. With the bath salt range from we matched the label colour with the feeling each is targeting. Plus to add the personal touch we used illustrations that the owners daughter had drawn.
many business cards are arranged on top of each other, with the word'the end'in gold and white
The Find - Business Card Design
These gold foiled blush business cards I recently designed for The Find, definitely represent the luxury of this brand and leave a lasting impression on anyone who is given one.
many different pictures and words are on the wall with black paper stuck to it's sides
The Whitewalls Project - F-bomb Pack Design
What F-bombs do you drop? We all have a tendency to get a bit frustrated at times and we just need a little something to put a smile back on our faces! This moodboard features the F-bomb pack, see the naughty words in there 🙊? I recently designed the F-bomb pack for @the_whitewalls_project and we had a lot of fun putting it together. Think the printer had a bit of a chuckle as well. The perfect pack to cheer yourself or someone else you know up. Photography: @rikki_lancaster_commercial
the business card is designed to look like it has been placed on top of a stack of books
Beck Hall Yoga & Retreats - Branding Design
A good friend of mine called me a few months ago full of excitement. @beckhallyoga was ready to launch and she wanted me to design her branding. This is the logo that I came up with. The green represents the ‘heart’ chakra, the gold inspires knowledge, spirituality and an understanding of the self. The symbol of a lotus flower represents the grounding of the roots that rise above the muddy waters to bloom and the watercolour represents flowing of the body during the practice of yoga.
three roll up banners with sailboats in the background
Multihull Solutions - Banner Design
So many clients of ours tend to like a bit more of impact at trade shows, exhibitions or just in their display rooms. Banners are affordable, mobile and really pack a punch. Who doesn’t like their business to stand out, right? These are three pull up banners we recently designed for @multihullsolutions
the noosa open studios logo surrounded by paintbrushes and acrylic paints
Noosa Open Studios - Logo Design
I’m a big believer in trusting the universe and manifesting what you want. Working with @noosaopenstudios is a perfect example of that. For two years I watched from a far the annual NOS take shape. They gather together some amazing artist from the region who all displayed their work on the same weekend. When I got an email from @sarahjtherese who manages the event asking for a quote to design their new logo, artist guide and promotional material I was elated. The universe delivered.
the front cover of a brochure for an innovation project
Noosa Open Studios - Flyer Design
No it’s not a typo. @noosaopenstudios wanted to put more FUN into fundraising, so they organised a FUNraiser event. I had so much FUN designing these postcard size flyers to promote it. Given the them of music we blended the colours of art with the musical notes. P.S the event was a huge success with lots of FUN had!!!
a white and blue stationery with business cards
Amara Collective - Quality Graphic Designers on the Sunshine Coast
After 10 years doing graphic design, I still get excited when I get to sit down and create. I’m not sure why, there’s something exciting about turning people’s ideas into reality. I love it. It keeps me busy through the week, yet I’m confident I could squeeze a little more in. If anyone is needing a designer or something designed, logo, brochure, wedding invites I’d love to help your idea come alive. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss what you require, hopefully I can help.
two white business cards with the word spade property printed on them, sitting side by side
Amara Collective - Quality Graphic Designers on the Sunshine Coast
I love designing for @spadeproperty The first job I worked on for Stephanie was actually her wedding stationery. So when she started Spade Property and asked me to design the branding for her I was overjoyed.
some blue and white stickers are in a bag with the words something wonderful on them
Something Wonderful - Branding
The lovely Rebecca from recently asked me to create her branding for her new business. It was such a gorgeous project to work on and I’m loving the gift tags!