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Five Surprising Facts About the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sue and I did the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb, those are people in the foreground and you climb to the top of the bridge overlooking the Sydney Opera House!

Stunning Views on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a fun travel adventure. Be sure to include the bridge climb in your Australia travel plans.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb - Would you do it?

Climb Sydney Harbor Bridge - I was in Sydney about two years ago, and while my family climbed the bridge, I was too scared and my sister stayed on safe grounds with me! Hopefully one day I can go back and climb the bridge!

Jack Youngblood - Famous for playing in the Super Bowl with a broken leg. Takes…

Jack Youngblood, LB, Los Angeles Rams - Famous for playing in the Super Bowl with a broken leg.

Andy's Jazz Club, East Hubbard in downtown Chicago. Just north of ...

Andy's Jazz Club, River North (Historic Bars of Chicago, Day

Andy’s Jazz Club Chicago

Andy's Jazz Club & Restaurant Chicago offers live jazz sessions 7 days a week. You can have dinner or just grab a drink at the bar.