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a large rock sitting on top of a lush green field
Eduardo Chillida - 1997 - LO PROFUNDO ES EL AIRE XVII by Isma Monfort, via Flickr
an older man sitting on a couch next to two pieces of art
Hommage à Johann Sebastian Bach, Eduardo Chillida, 1997
Hommage à Johann Sebastian Bach, Eduardo Chillida, 1997
two people sitting next to each other in front of a group of people wearing t - shirts that say fear eats the soul
via Gavin Brown's blog
an artistic drawing of some people dancing in front of a stage with umbrellas and musical instruments
This year's Armory Show is a world away from its humble origins as a makeshift fair founded in the rooms of the Gramercy Hotel in 1994 by Paul Morris and the art dealers Matthew Marks, Pat Hearn, and Colin de Land. Artspace spoke to Morris about this year's edition, how he's had to change the fair to respond to a sudden upsurge of new competition, and how the art world has changed since 1994.
an old drawing of a woman sitting in front of a mirror and looking at something
Why You Should See Dürer’s Melencolia I at the Met Right Now
Love Jerry Saltz writing on art, this is so true to most works of art ‘The endless interpretations and countless cults devoted to divining Dürer’s real meaning will only limit what your own eyes and gut can tell…'
a large white sculpture sitting in the middle of a warehouse floor next to metal poles
Saltz: Kara Walker Bursts Into Three Dimensions, and Flattens Me
Art Review: A Subtlety by Kara Walker -- Vulture
a woman in a black dress is working on a sculpture
Kara Walker (born November 26, 1969) is a contemporary African American artist who explores race, gender, sexuality, violence and identity in her work. She is best known for her room-size tableaux of black cut-paper silhouettes, such as The Means to an End--A Shadow Drama in Five Acts. Learn More:
an abstract painting with red, yellow and grey stripes on it's sides in shades of gray
Joseph Albers - More comparative color - Albers was concerned about the effects colors had on each other when placed side by side or near one another.
four different colored squares are arranged in the same pattern, each with an orange and blue rectangle
More comparative color. Joseph Albers from "Interaction of Color". The 3 backgrounds are the same colors but react differently due to the different colors in the middle. Josef Albers was a German-born American artist and educator at the Bauhaus whose work on color theory, both in Europe and in the United States, formed the basis of some of the most influential and far-reaching art education programs of the 20th century
an older man standing in front of a colorful wall holding a cane and looking at the camera
Piero Dorazio - 25 artworks - painting
Piero Dorazio (1927- 2005) | Rome, Italy | Field: painting, printmaking, sculpture | Art Movement:Post-Painterly Abstraction, Op Art | Genre:abstract painting
an old man is looking at the camera with his name and age on it's card
Michael Fried Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works
Abstract Expressionist Theorists: Michael Fried
black and white photograph of people sitting on the steps in front of a building with doors
The PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry) Blog
THE BLACK MOUNTAIN POETS. Begun in 1933 as an experimental school based on the principles of John Dewey, Black Mountain College, located in rural North Carolina, quickly attracted a large number of artists, dancers, writers, musicians, and other avant-gardists, including figures such as Josef Albers, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Willem and Elaine de Kooning, as well as important figures for guest lectures, Albert Einstein, Clement Greenberg, and William Carlos Williams, among them.