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a close up of a metal object on a white background
Giant sculpture of a scarab beetle, Istanbul, modern Turkey, Egyptian, perhaps Ptolemaic period, 332-30 BC – View from above - This green diorite sculpture, at around one & a half metres long, is one of the largest representations known. It would presumably have originally stood in a temple. It is said to be Ptolemaic (305-30 BC), & may have been taken to Constantinople (modern Istanbul), when Constantinople was the capital of the later Roman Empire (from AD 330).
a statue of a cat laying on top of a mattress in the middle of a courtyard
Gallery Exhibitions - Hauser & Wirth
Rodt, 6 Januari, 2012, Berlinde De Bruyckere
black and white photograph of children playing in an outdoor play area with large concrete structures
playscapes: Pierre Szekely's Midcentury Modern Playgrounds
pierre szekely, grenoble 1967
a statue of a man standing in the middle of a park with benches and trees
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Public- thomas houseago
a sculpture sitting on top of a wooden platform
Public-Thomas Houseago
a metal sculpture sitting on top of a wooden table in the middle of a garden
Public-Thomas Schütte