raspberry white chocolate scones

raspberry white chocolate scones inspired by Cook's Illustrated blueberry scone recipe

Oat Ginger Crunch - to die for! People have these with tea here in New Zealand

Recipe: Ginger and oat crunch

Sausage rolls - under iconic Australian and New Zealand food?! Mmmm?!

7 Iconic Australian and New Zealand Foods

Chocolate Caramel Slice

butter hearts sugar: Chocolate Caramel Slice just a square of heaven!

afghan biscuits.... from the Edmonds cookbook

Try this delicious afghan biscuit recipe which is world renowned within New Zealand, easy to make and tasty this afghan biscuit recipe is sure to impress.

Passion fruit and white chocolate slices

Okay, so it was the cakes which first lured me in but it’s the coffee which has had me returning three times this month. Describing this coffee as ‘delicious’ seems somewhat redun…