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a sink in the middle of a garden with a hose attached to it's side
Veggie garden sink to rid the root veg of dirt before they come into the kitchen. Recycle repurpose reuse!
a sink in the middle of a garden with a hose attached to it's side
a mother cow and her calf grazing in a field with barbed wire fence around them
Otway Farm Stay Accommodation | Gerangamete | Otway Fields
Time for a change.... Welcome to Otway Fields' new Blog!
some garlic on a wooden table next to a bag of salt and an onion peel
Organically grown garlic turned into Black Garlic and a Black Garlic Salt. #gourmet
some yellow flowers are growing in the grass
Daffodils under the mulberry tree
a path in the middle of a garden with red leaves on it's ground
Beautiful Autumn leaves
a sign that says ottawa fields farm preserves local
Market sign
a wooden box sitting on top of a table next to a grapevined wreath
Our vine wreaths for sale at Frank & Dolly in Geelong.
a small blue house sitting on top of a lush green field next to a tree
The renovation of the loggers hut is almost complete! Outside is all but done.
many jars of jam are lined up on a table
Market day. Delicious farm preserves!
three red tulips are in the middle of some green plants and flowers,
Spring tulips - Sept 2013
a fire pit in the middle of a grassy field
Spring fire.
the fire is blazing in the night sky
Nothing like a good burn off! A farm ritual.. red wine, cheese, park the car close to the fire and turn up the opera on the radio!