Melt in your mouth delish! Creamy mushroom tart - mushrooms, puff pastry, bacon, herbes de provence, white wine, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese...Nice way to start a festive celebration!

Creamy mushroom tart - mushrooms, puff pastry (or thin herbed foccacia bread) bacon, white wine, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese.

Parmesan and Garlic French Fries

Parmesan and Garlic French Fries. Toss fries in a smidge of olive oil, minced garlic, Parmesan cheese and parsley. Bake at 425 till golden.

caramelized pecans with blue cheese

One-bite caramelized pecans stuffed with blue cheese - YUM! Except I would definitely not use blue cheese.would probably use cream cheese or something like that.

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Crostini with Smoked Salmon, Dill & Cucumber

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Dried Fig and Ginger Paste

FİG PASTE 500 gr dried figs 200 gr dried Raisin 1 cup red vine 1 cup apple cider 1 onion (caramelised) piece of candied ginger 1 lemon zest and juice 100 gr sugar