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an image of a computer screen with the caption yeah it weekend time to party
an ornament is hanging from the top of a christmas tree with lights on it
Nick Taylor (@ntbone) on X
the side of a building that has been torn down
kermik the frog sitting in front of a laptop with text that reads gives people advice when i can't even handle my own problems
Corona virus memes - mOre CoVid MemEs anD cRap
a cartoon character with the caption that reads, me at night choosing what's going on keep me up til 3 am
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a man holding a cake in front of a blue background with the words me commenting happy cake day every time i see a cake next to someone's name
Picture memes JsYkj4h77: 3 comments — iFunny
a doctor is talking to a woman in front of a computer screen that says, doctor what are you using for birth control? me just who i am as a person
100 Funny Memes About Mental Illness
a small monkey laying on top of grass next to a plant with caption that reads, when the only person you wanna't talk to is asleep and takes the longer naps on planet earth
Hilariously Depressing Memes For When Netflix Asks If You're Still Watching
the stuffed frog is sitting on top of the bed
insta l mackenzieyoung__
an image of a sesame character with the caption when it's 5 am and ur not done with ur
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