Jag slutar aldrig fascineras över färg och dess förmåga att förändra känslan i ett rum, eller hur en möbel kan kännas som ny enbart genom att byta kulör. Det är därför det är så fantastiskt roligt att

Förändra med färg (fixa & dona)

This is an intense hit of green for a bold interior design scheme - it's great to see how well painting the woodwork and furniture all in the same colour - a great modern paint technique More (Wall Furniture Designs)

Pink Plates {MerchantDesign}

Dessert Plates in Rose and Gold (set of two)

The deep blue glaze on these handmade dishes is a little mesmerizing, don't you think? These are crafted by hand, with a handmade price. I would buy just one or two and use them as serving dishes for ripe tomatoes, glazed peach cake, or roasted summer vegetables.

Modern Deep Blue Dinner Plates from MB Art Studios

porcelain large dish modern deep blue by MB Art Studios // Renegade Craft Fair Austin Summer 2014 SXSW Edition

7 Tiny Hotels Leave Room to Dream --Durham Hotel, North Carolina.

7 Tiny Hotels Leave Room to Dream

Commune Design have transformed an old bank into a mid-century modern hotel in the heart of downtown Durham, inspired by the spirit of its namesake city.


Seems like a playful way to incorporate a garage under a raised house, or perhaps a basement? I find the colour combination unusual, as well.the stark white, orange blush + deep brown

Apropos Concept Store in Hamburg by Rodolphe Parente & Benjamin Liatoud | Yelllowtrace

Apropos Concept Store in Hamburg by Rodolphe Parente.