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Get your whole house in order in ten weeks! Details and a plan and a challenge at the happy housie

get your whole house organized with this 10 week organizing challenge; week one is all about paper clutter and setting up a command center - details at the happy housie

Cheesy Quinoa and Broccoli Patties recipe. I make these with mushrooms instead. Amazing!

Cheesy Quinoa and Broccoli Patties (substitute almond meal for the breadcrumbs?) cup quinoa 1 cup water 5 large broccoli florets 1 small onion, diced cup breadcrumbs cup shredded cheese 1 large egg Salt and Pepper for seasoning Olive oil for cooking

How To Build Your Own Nourishment Bowl! - Move Nourish Believe

Making a nourishment bowl provides you with all the essential food groups to feel great, think clearer and nourish from the inside out.This is such an easy way to think about salad making!

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