Why We Want Everything From Greg Natale’s Glamorous New Furniture Collection

Designer Rugs, Corfu

Designer Rugs, Corfu

This bold Greg Natale Cushion has been inspired by monochromatic tones and formal geometrics. This cushion has a double-sided design which has been hand-embroidered with Wool on the front and printed on Linen on the bac

Greg Natale Malachite Green Cushion A celebration on a classic. This chic Greg Natale Cushion has been inspired by making old new again.This cushion has a doubl

The Greg Natale for Worlds Away black lacquer desk features two drawers with a stunning gold leaf base.

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The Oxford Cushion by Greg Natale features detailed double-embroidery, imbuing the patterns with a sumptuous textural quality.

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The timbered and upholstered, Hudson Carver chair showcases an impeccable level of precision and craftsmanship, providing extreme comfort.