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Yup, you pretty much walked out on our son so I raise him by myself you worthless piece of shit!!!

This quote I would like my daughter to read. I find it very well said. I believe no man or son should disrespect the mother of his child. I truly believe no one should be treated wrong and hurtful. So(One Step Quotes)

sad, tragic - for the child, the parent, the friends, the family, all so a narcissist/psychopath can use the child as a tool....

my son will NOT be taught this.You are a sick demented freak and you have already damaged your oldest kids probaley beyond repair.but not my sweet baby.

My son passed away. Less than a year later, my daughter completely cut me out of her life because she "didn't want the negativity from me in her life"

Exactly my point. My heart absolutely aches. There is NOTHING Ive ever done to be punished this way. You words are so contradicting. And you arent making the proper decisions. She was unhappy with them. They ignore her. Diaper rashes with blisters, ringworm.... you brought her to me bc shes happy here, and you wanted my influence.... and now.... you take her away from me, and hand her back to the very people you wanted her away from. Logic???

My heart absolutely aches. There is NOTHING Ive ever done to be punished this way. Your words are so contradicting, and you aren't making the proper decisions.

Your Daddy misses you beyond anything words can express and so be we my angel

The happiest part of our life has been stolen, by people whom we are expected to trust. Im reaching out to you take my hand if you want to learn more about why we have been torn apart.

Grand Parent / Parental Alienation - meaning parents get special new experiences with the kids and you don't make the kids feel guilty for enjoying those experiences.

The parent (mothers mostly)in full care for the child has a huge responsibility and teaching them to hate their father in most cases . Will only destroy the relationship between mother and child.