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The connection between honey and death……."There is a strong symbolic bond between rites of passage and honey. Ancient documents depict and record the substance being used in marriage, birth and especially in death rites. For many cultures, especially Ancient Greeks, it was believed that, “Life was bitter, and death sweet”." (Click through to article)

pada-viya: Rima Staines (English, contemporary) ~ Telling the Bees When someone dies you are supposed to tell the bees~ and invite them to the funeral, give them wine and cake, hang mourning cloth.


Have you ever played the "I Spy" game? Did you play it as a child? Well, I was in the dark until I came across a quilt named I Spy. The more I looked at it, I realized it was a great teaching opportunity and at the same time a fun game! "I spy something…

Isn’t this fabulous! and even better it’s a raffle fundraising quilt by the Cut-Ups, a Houston based Quilting bee. So if you are in Houston you can purchase your tickets and possibly …

Are you remembering to write 2017 yet? Are you still stunned to realize Christmas is behind us and Valentine’s Day is a month and 2 days away? I had such great plans for the Christmas holiday…

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