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two pictures showing the inside and outside of an open air building with wood flooring
ENTREVISTA: GLENN MURCUTT. Premio Pritzker 2002. Architectural Record.
a table with a plate of food and a coffee cup on it next to some chairs
Blue Bottle Coffee Shibuya Cafe | Keiji Ashizawa Design
a blue couch sitting on top of a wooden table
An Urban Loft Designed by Nina Mar A&D Encapsulates the Alpine Lifestyle
A modern penthouse outside Innsbruck, Austria was renovated by Nina Mair into an urban loft that encapsulates the Alpine lifestyle.
a couch with a book on top of it next to a white table and chair
close up view of wood and glass panels on a building's side window sill
the stairs are made of wood and have metal handrails
New England Revival By Luchetti Krelle | Habitus Living
an artisticly designed glass wall in a public restroom with sunlight coming through the window
Wintergarden Façade / Studio 505
Wintergarden Façade / Studio 505 | ArchDaily
a woman walking down a long hallway with lots of windows on both sides and shadows from the ceiling
Gallery of Megalithic Museum / CVDB arquitectos + Tiago Filipe Santos + P-06 Atelier - 24
Megalithic Museum,© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
a wooden fence next to the water on a sunny day with sun reflecting in the water
Railings - boxy
Railings - boxy | Railings / Balustrade | Portland Developments | Flickr
black and white photograph of metal railings on an escalator in a building
expecttheunexpectedtoday 1939 - Rockefeller Center, NY, staircase by architect Raymond Hood
several concrete steps lined up against each other
Architecture, Living space & Furniture Inspiration #06 — itchban
windows texture staircase outdoor modern living room leftovers kitchen industrial GLAMasculine facade dining dark concrete color brick art Japanese Trash masculine design tastethis