Dry Creek Bed

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there are rocks and grass in the park
Château TDL: The Backyard Chapter...the rains have come!
there is a stone path in the yard
Steps and stairs
Design Phillip Johnson DesignFest 2012
three rocks stacked on top of each other near a wooden deck and gravel area in front of them
Award Winning Landscape Garden Design by Kathleen Murphy
a garden with rocks and plants on the ground next to a porch area in front of a house
Picturesque Pathways: Inspiring Garden Walkway Designs
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a stone path with plants growing on it in the middle of a driveway next to a house
30 Succulents on the Steps, Crevices, and Pathways Ideas
a brick path in the middle of some flowers
Construction of Stone & Brick Walkway - The Constructor
a stone path with grass in the background
a stone bench sitting in the middle of a yard next to a tree and rocks
Entry Pathway
a garden with rocks and plants in the grass, along side a path that leads to a tree
a stone path in the middle of a garden with rocks and mulch on the ground
One family's xeric project - "We" dug an 80' dry creek bed which has three "bridges" across it. (Sula Howell)
a stone path made out of rocks in the grass
Building a dry stream