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small white-painted clock cabinets Repurposed Furniture, Cupboard, Cupboard Storage, Small Storage Cabinet, Cabinet Decor, Small Display Cabinet, Small Cabinet, Display Cabinet, Vintage Cabinets
Vintage Display Cabinets by Scaramanga
Small salvaged vintage clock cabinets repurposed into small display cabinets.
there are many vases and pitchers in this box
an old china cabinet filled with dishes and cups
an old medicine cabinet is filled with bottles
an old wooden shelf with two open shelves
Sold at auction Queen Anne Tombstone-Back Wall Shelf Auction Number 2468 Lot Number 385 | Skinner Auctioneers
Queen Anne Tombstone-Back Wall Shelf, America, 18th century, ht. 22 1/2, wd. 9 1/4, dp. 6 1/4 in.
a wall with many framed pictures and an eyeball on it
Robin Isely
colorful chairs are lined up in rows on the wall with price tags attached to them
Chairs. Costa Mesa, California. | madebyjames
the chairs are all painted in different colors
#FollowFriday: Amanda Rydell | At Home In Love
two mason jars filled with lots of different types of buttons and keys on top of a table
I have many many Mason jars filled with amazing odds & ends
a glass jar filled with lots of coins
door knobs
vintage door knobs~ a must also i have a different idea for door knobs and don't know where to find them in Florida any help?