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a pair of blue jeans with colorful patches on them and some red material in the back pocket
a pair of jeans with pink flowers in the pocket
Patched and covered a rip next to my jeans' pocket! It's my first big attempt at decorative embroidery.
a piece of cloth with flowers on it and the word lovex written in small letters
two tennis racquets with flowers painted on them, one is red and the other is blue
danielle clough's jazzed up racquets
Danielle Clough transforms pre-loved sporting instruments into a canvas for intricate woolly art.
a table cloth with blue and white designs on it, including an intricate circular design
Progress is being made stitch by stitch!#travellersblanket #plaidnomad #handstitched #embroidery #embroideryart #khadi #indigo…
the word love spelled with wire in different colors on a white wall next to an orange, yellow, pink, and blue sculpture
Have a favorite family phrase? Make it a fun project be to put it up on your wall with this DIY!
four different views of the golden gate bridge
curated contemporary art
Shaun Kardinal - In the Distance (hand-embroidered collage with promotional lithographs) /
four different types of leaves are shown in three separate sections, one is brown and the other is yellow
curated contemporary art /// susanna bauer
The Jealous Curator embroidered leaves! curated contemporary art susanna bauer
a small toy sheep standing on top of a white surface with blue string attached to it
Sheep thread spool
an embroidered piece with many different colors and designs on it's side, including flowers
Nice embroidery
two different types of embroidered clothing on display
Crewel/Embroidery Hand Needles-Size 7 16/Pkg - Embroidery Design Guide
Sophie Digard linen wraps 2016: crewel gobelin #crewelembroidery
the fabric has been stitched together to make an interesting flower design on it's surface
I'd love to see something like this on a winter coat of mine!
stitched seedpod Anne Wood. I like her work. She's doing 'botanical experimens'. Keep following Fabric Flowers, Textile Fiber Art, Textile Artists, Fiber Art, Fibre And Fabric
botanical experiments
stitched seedpod Anne Wood. I like her work. She's doing 'botanical experimens'. Keep following
three different colored feathers on a black surface with white string attached to the back of each feather
How beautiful are these feathers stitched by @kerryapted in Canberra. #woolfeltapplique #wonderfilspecialtythreads #applique @addicted2fabric
an embroidered butterfly sitting on top of a table
Moth Study no.1 I'm pretty happy with it although I would change a few things. I might still. It needs to rest a bit. Or maybe I do....Made with vintage fabric, wool blend felt, #wonderfilspecialtythread eleganza @suespargo floss. My original design.
a drawing of a rabbit with feathers on it's head and dress made out of fabric
The Edge of the Woods | 15 October - 9 November 2014
<span class="artist"><strong>Karen Nicol</strong></span>, <span class="title"><em>Hare Piece</em>, 2014</span>
a monkey made out of fabric and paper with writing on it's chest, sitting in front of a white background
SPACE TO CREATE :: Karen Nicol - We Are Scout
Karen Nichol cheeky monkey
a white wall hanging with tassels on it
Textile Artworks by Living Fibers
Textile art by Living Fibers. Texture fiber art wall hanging pink ivory living room decor
a fake rabbit head on top of a glass table
Barbara Franc
'Summer Hare' textile portrait head of a Hare made from tea stained muslin and embroidery threads. Mounted in a 52cm high glass dome.
several slices of bread with white net on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
Fiber Artist Terézia Krnáčová’s ‘Every Day’ Bread - KnitHacker
Fiber Artist Terézia Krnáčová's 'Every Day' Bread 🍞 #art #foodart #fiberart
two pictures one with crocheted flowers and the other with bead work on it
5+ Adorable Crochet Frills Border Ideas
Oh my! Tiny crochet using silk thread and a size 16 crochet hook
a white llama with cactuses and succulents on it's back
Im bringing a few of these llamas back for my restock and I’ve set a time. April 30th 7:30 pm MDT. Yay! Lots of coral and summery colors in…
an instagram photo with the words instagram on it, and some sewing supplies
Good evening stitchers! Happy to announce that you can now book online for our upcoming slow stitching workshops with @foragebylisamattock in February 2019 😁 Follow the link in bio to choose your place in our beginner or advanced classes.. they make for a fabulous Christmas present 😉
a person is working on an art project