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an assortment of christmas toys including santa claus and other figures on a white sheet with a penny
(5) Antique Vintage Xmas Chenille Santa Claus Ornament -- Antique Price Guide Details Page
a person is holding a glass box with ornaments on it
Narnia and a Plea from Emma for Book Recommendations
there are many gnomes standing together on the shelf
the shelves are filled with christmas figurines and other decorative items, including santa's sleigh
a santa clause riding on the back of a donkey with a plant in its mouth
German Santa on Mechanical wheeled Donkey c.1910
a snowman with a hat and scarf next to a christmas ornament
a small christmas tree sitting on top of a metal pot filled with snowflakes
Tea Cup Tuesday-Happy December!
Welcome All December is here... Today is our first Tea Cup Tuesday of the Holiday Season! Martha and I are delighted to see you...
a deer ornament hanging from a wall with christmas decorations on it's back