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**clears throat** nothing to see here

There just comes a time when you have to accept that you have a problem<< I have a problem with destiel fanart it's too amazig

This is great... you get extra brownie points if you can tell me the other broad of mine this fits on.

I love this pin, first there is the destiel thing but also my friends are just like stop shipping guys and its like dude stop hating on gay people

destiel vs tumblr

a-different-town: This fandom has both excellent timing and fantastic PhotoShop skills. This photoshop is making me shake excitedly and scream in a muffled manner.

Destiel Fanart

Okay i dont ship destiel but come on deans shirt says pie monster and thats cute

Don't go talking about death and not expect the SPN fandom to appear

I love that death enjoys his pizza. Supernatural has a gif/image for everything