For future office space: Expand image to see the full details! This desk is so rad! Worknest: handcrafted modular workplace, design from Wiktoria Lenart.

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Bouleau by Julie Richoz

Industrial designer Julie Richoz took the top prize at Design Parade 7 with her desk tray and basket Bouleau design. Bouleau was inspired by a round, indus

Lauf Chair / Trine Kjaer

industrial repurposed lighting using whisks, would look great as a main lighting in the kitchen above a breakfast bar. I need these as pendant lights over a kitchen bar

Corner Pictures Frames - Here's a why-didn't-I-think-of-that? design, the Corner picture frames. They're designed for accessorizing the inside or outside c.

Cool floor.

Just added because it's so fantastic. Reptile Pattern Wood Floor Inspired by MC Escher. I have a large, foam puzzle of these lizards that I use as a wall sculpture.

Since kids love to emulate their parents, toys are often modeled after things adults use, like phones, cars and of course laptops. The i-Wood Toy Computer looks like a laptop, but replaces the screen and keys with a chalkboard.

Incorporate our Drum Table into a relaxed French, classic or exotic scheme and contrast with a variety of finishes and textures, such as animal skin and rich leather grains, in black, charcoal or caramel.