Angeline Truong

Angeline Truong

Angeline Truong
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Ayato Kirishima - Tokyo Ghoul - No wonder Touka chose a rabbit mask.

Even bad boys have a sweet side 😜 The fact that he likes rabbits makes him so much cuter 🐰 (maybe a little hint that he loves his sister (Rabbit) even though he treats her badly) - Character : Ayato Kirishima Anime : Tokyo Ghoul - [

Haise and Juuzou <3 Aww this is so cute~ ^^

Haise & Juuzou, they really like each other, Juuzou with that cute face (/^▽^)/ - Tokyo Ghoul ~ DarksideAnime

Арты с Капралом – 370 фотографий

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This was fun

Take a screenshot. Karma(me) got: Skill: Logic Branch: Military Police Rank: 3 Deceased: Brother Lover: Levi Shifter: No Kills: 16 solo 20 team Admirer: Levi Status: Alive (I got lucky on the Levis)