More packaging should be like this: Origami packaging for a mobile eatery resembling a blooming flower when opened made of only one piece of cardboard with no clue or plastic (Photo 1 of 2)

Sustainable Origami Food Box

Sustainable Origami Food Box This is packaging for a quick service mobile eatery in Manila, Philippines called Guactruck.

More packaging should be like this: Photo 2 of 2

Sustainable Origami Food Box

Guactruck, a food concept by Michaelle Lee, sells their food in these beautiful origami food box folded like a lotus flower.

B honey cachaça - a new sweet and citrus-y Brazilian spirit. The packaging is a reuseable cooler!

B Honey Cachaça

B honey cachaa is a new Brazilian spirit that blends sugarcane rum with honey and a touch of lime, creating a premium beverage from a common drink.

Alternative Organic Wine

Alternative Organic Wine

Does organic wine need to look budget? That was the question facing Sydney design team The Creative Method as they worked on Alternative Organic Wine, an organic packaging concept for .

Clever tea & sugar concept

Clever tea & sugar concept