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Neo New Karina

Neo New Karina: Tracer, please watch emotional Disney movies with me!


I main Orisa, and I LOVE it when there's a Reinhardt in my team! Not only are all Reinhardt mains I've met super sweet, but we can support each other in times when our own shields break down. It's a beautiful experience.

All I know is 'A.. or ah ... or aaaahhhhhh ...aaaahhhhhhhhhh 'Just this I need some 'onomatopoeia and mimetic word' groan, moan...

I somehow managed to combine two things that I love. and never thought I'd see a combination for This is a parody of the ending credits of Tiger and Bunny, except with Dean and Castiel instead of .

Hanzo has the most adorable little footsteps.

whenever i skirmish with hanzo or when i play with mccree and my friend play as hanzo, i just hear the lil tap taps of hanzo’s feet and my entire day is filled with sunshine