Portes ouvertes: maison scandinave

Organic style with a Natural Bamileke Feather Headdress (Juju hat) in a dining room

Juju Hat Tricolore Blanc Beige Contour Noir / Feather Hat Tricolor White Beige Outline Black

manufacture and distribution of art objects from Africa

Harbour Island Floor Pillow - RaffiaHarbour Island Floor Pillow - Raffia

Meet your new floor plan. Outfitted in weather-friendly fabric that mimics the look of raffia, these pillows perfect the art of lounging around. We love the coastal vibe.

Table Tonic Bamileke Juju Hat Group 2

Moroccan wedding blanket combined with natural feather wall hangings made of 'Juju' or 'Tyn' hats traditionally worn by royal dancers in Cameroon.

Accent tribal pour maison de plage || Architecte Rachel Hudson - Décoration Pamela Makin

Accent tribal pour maison de plage

A black leather butterfly chair in the main bedroom offers a perfect view.

icm_fullxfull.140876591_63u3r40nftoggcwcocso.jpg (640×608)

icm_fullxfull.140876591_63u3r40nftoggcwcocso.jpg (640×608)