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10 things to say to your child when she is worried or anxious

A lovely list of short sentences that may help an axious or worried little one from "Spin-Doctor Parenting": 10 Things to Say to an Anxious Child

The Scariest Thing About Writing

& Great Posters for Teaching Writing ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning& The writing process sheet can be presented and blown up for the classroom wall to remind students of the steps they should put their writing through.

This "Worry Tree" is a poster I would love to hang in my classroom. It is a resource I think students could refer to, when needed, to help them regulate their emotions and deal with their "problems" in an effective way. Eventually, they will be able to follow this process on their own, and develop their emotional competence - which is an important skill that underlies positive mental health (Reinke et al., 2011).

I found this great way to help children deal with their worry on Edutopia. This worry tree is a great way to help children deal with mental health issues!

coping with anxiety

Cope with Stress. Many kids work through anxiety, and we pray this poster will help many while they are coping with anxiety and overwhelming stress.

Simple tips to release anxiety - EFT video included!

This is the second installment of my series, Natural Remedies for Common Ailments. If you missed the first post, here is the link: Simplifying Anxiety.