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I have a thing for bishie-personified things, don't I? >w> I mean, there IS Hetalia and all, so I'm not the only one.

Web Browsers in Anime Style -Torch Browser, Chrominium, and Google Chrome : T-kun

Rosel-D: Someone suggested me to make a parody 'anime' version of this image with my Senior IE-kun designs . Since the original were icons, I decided to make a human form version of it.

From an IE-kun ask on tumblr ((Human head version))The top 5 browsers and their order of release~ Chrome is the youngest haha see more here:…

Holy shit, Explorer is cute as f*ck with that super Uke face! I ship him with chrome. And FireFox with Opera.Nobody wants Safari xD

Spartan-kun and Chrome by ROSEL-D on DeviantArt

I was looking at some browser logos and this popped into my mind haha I can't help myself //shot Browsers belongs to their respective developers! Browsers and their Old logos