Homemade plastic jellyfish…

Homemade plastic jellyfish…

Funny pictures about Homemade plastic jellyfish. Oh, and cool pics about Homemade plastic jellyfish. Also, Homemade plastic jellyfish.

Brilliant.  Can be done with more than just the ocean

Completely Kindergarten: Ocean Unit Sea turtles traveling through the ocean by currents. Paper plate turtles with sea turtle writing stapled to the back.

Move Like and Animal    Run like an Emu  Hop like a Kangaroo  Snap like a Crocodile  Climb like a Koala  Slither like a Snake  Flap like a Kookaburra

Move like an Australian animal dice game from House of Baby Piranha. Fun idea to get the kids (and adults!) using their gross motor skills.

Koala bear kindergarten craft for Australian animals unit


Canada Day is fast approaching (July but I'm more intrigued by this great craft from Australia (Australia Day is January Many thanks to Phillipa at House of Baby Piranha (!) for this great activity for kids. House of Baby Piranha

Australian Animal Puppet Play - download free printable finger puppets

Fun Australian animal puppets free printables from - Nurturing Little Nature Lovers to encourage Aussie bush roleplay.

Wombat Paper Plate Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com  - Great Craft for Australian Unit study for homeschool.  Fun Craft for preschool and elementary children

Loads of tutorials for Australian animal craft ideas and related storybook suggestions from Danielle's Place, including this cute paper plate wombat.

Zart Art Supplier of art craft materials and PD Workshops in the Visual Arts

Teach art and nature with Australian Lorikeets made with vibrant colours from students.