Dutch Iranian immigrant Mehdy Kavousi protests against proposed new asylum laws in Zaandijk, the Netherlands with his lips sewn together in this February 11, 2004 file photo. By Paul Vreeker

Paul Vreeker of Reuters shot this powerful picture showing an Iranian immigrant protesting against proposed Dutch asylum laws.

A Dummy's Guide to Asylum Seeker Rhetoric

Asylum seekers debate essays The debate about asylum seekers in Australia is contentious and politically charged. Asylum Seekers I have chosen to do my discursive essay on asylum seekers.

The asylum-seekers' plight

It's a very strange thing when human beings put other non violent human beings in cages

‘Go back to where you came from’: Can a TV series change the debate on asylum seekers?

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Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman (Good Australian YA book about "boat people" that I read as a youth).

boy overboard essay Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman

"The Silence Seeker".. a children's book about a family of asylum seekers

The Silence Seeker by Ben Morley. When a new family moves in next door, Joe's mum explains that they are asylum seekers.

julian burnside asylum seeker books - Google Search

Julian Burnside - Watching Brief: Reflections on Human Rights, Law, and Justice

#refugee artwork #villawood detention centre

Coffee Love Art Painting *** Continue reading at the image link.

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"The World Will Be Destroyed By Those Who Do Evil, But By Those Who Watch Them Without Doing Anything."-Albert Einstein… # We Must remember this!

The lucky country

As the last car manufacturer pulls out of Australia and all associated manufacture consequently ends, plus the other industries going to the wall due to Abbott's stonewalling, there is little left by his mining mates.

Not called the "Lucky Country" for nothing...

Female Mouse Spider, Missulena sp Mouse spiders are often brought in Search and Discover mistakenly believed to be funnel-web spiders.