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a woman wearing a black hat with red lips
Fashion woman in style pop art. Vector illustration vector de Stock
an illustration of a man with glasses and a suit on, in front of a red background
Pop Art Decor, Pop Art Painting, Minimal Style
a painting of a woman with blue eyes and black hair, holding her hand on her shoulder
Ichiro Tsuruta/ 2. Japanese painter. Галерея женских портретов.
Malika Favre’s “Behind the Lens” | The New Yorker The New Yorker February, New Yorker February, Affiches D'art Déco, New Yorker Covers, Vogue Covers, February 10, Poster Retro, Print Magazine
Malika Favre’s “Behind the Lens”
Malika Favre’s “Behind the Lens” | The New Yorker
two women are standing next to each other with their arms around one another and the other hand on her shoulder
New updates from Malika Favre as she continues to wow the world
a woman standing in front of a window next to a man on a subway train
House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards in 2015 programme
a woman wearing a blue hat with red and white stripes on the side, her hair is blowing in the wind
Beach Chic II by Omar Escalante