Mission Python

Mission Python will teach you how to program an adventure game in this hands-on, beginner-friendly introduction to coding in Python.

Realm of Racket

Realm of Racket: Learn to Program, One Game at a Time! by Matthias Felleisen et al

No Starch Press | No Starch Press

No Starch Press | No Starch Press

The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript

The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript: Nicholas C.

JavaScript for Kids

Nick Morgan JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming

Super Scratch Programming Adventure!

Super Scratch Programming Adventure (covers Version by The Lead Project, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Book of CSS3, 2nd Edition

The Book of A Developer's Guide to the Future of Web Design. Supposedly a good book to learn about

Python for Kids

Does your kid want to create their own computer games? These fun guidebooks teach children the basics of coding, programming, and writing software.

Land of Lisp

Land of Lisp: Learn to Program in Lisp, One Game at a Time! 9781593272814 Condition: New Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! Tracking provided on most orders. Millions of books sold!