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~White hydrangeas inter-planted with white lavender looks very effective.white salvias would be hardy in our area and work as well, gardening,beautiful landscape in gravel!

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Salvia chamaedryoides Rhodanthemum hosmariense Artemisia abrotanum 'Silver' Phlomis 'The South' Senecio vira-vira Salvia fruticosa Salvia leucophylla Artemisia lanata

A meandering decomposed granite pathway is flanked by native shrubs such as coastal rosemary (Westringia spp.), Grevillea and Banksia species. Photo – Annette O’Brien for The Design Files.

Brian and Trish Perkins

Whatever garden tool you'd like to buy, look out for ergonomically designed tools. That is, tools that are specially designed so as to lessen as much as possible the discomfort you may feel while gardening.

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