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*covers face*jajajaja.

*covers face*<<<< Dat face in the last panel--- and then you see what the caption says. AND HE'S BLUSHING <<<< and I totally accept you, Hiro!

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It said parents but North isn't Jack's father unless.OHMEHGERD what if North was Jack's father in Burgess? That would explain why Jack sees him as a fatherly figure! THE FEELS << lmao chill out, bud, this is the big Four XD

I thought that was going to be beautiful, but then the Tumblr Plot Twist happened!!!

This would literally be Cecil// Oh no Cecil would most likely share it with Carlos. I think Old Woman Josie might share hers to keep his cat alive. << Actually, I think it's Magnus Bane. CHAIRMAN MEOW SHALL LIVE FOREVER.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun tho

I'm and my girlfriends we both wear 4 inch heels but when I don't have mine on everything because a game of this ahah<<<<I'm taller than my friend (we're both aro/ace so she's the closest thing I have to a girlfriend) and this happens a lot