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Anneliese Scopelliti

Anneliese Scopelliti
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Year after year..Keep working & trying,appointment after appointment, keep fighting, don't accept they will "never be" or "never do" ,continue therapy after therapy, exposure to the impossible,belief that it can get better, be confident in the way you parent, do not expect miracles-magic or perfection, embrace your child, go where they are, understand their limits,don't allow Autism to define who they are,

Advocated for myself at an IEP meeting where the parent couldn't see the progress the school had made with their child. Tap the link to check out sensory toys!

Graphic of How your child's sensory processing issues may change over time

As kids grow older, theirsensory processing issuesmay appear differently. Young children with sensory processing issues might be extremely fussy. In grade school, they might be awkward and have difficulty with transitions. And as teenagers, they may hav

Frosted Red Velvet Cookies

Frosted Red Velvet Cookies Recipe- Recipes During college, my student job was in the bakery. These Red Velvet Cookies take me back to that special place and time.