Oliver Jeffers on The Great Discontent (TGD)

This gives me an idea to dip an old second hand painting and then finish it :) Without a Doubt - oil on canvas dipped in enamel, by Oliver Jeffers.

Teal Blue Paint Colors

Blue Paint Colors

Teal is to teal.but I love love love blue.Teal Blue Paint Colors (from top: Moroccan Blue by True Value, New World by Dutchboy, Teal Zeal by Olympic, Tidewater by Sherwin-Williams, and Gypsy Teal by Valspar)

the meaning of the color turquoise

the meaning of the color turquoise turquoise has always been my favorite color, I cant get enough

Facade in blue - Porto Alegre, Brasil

"Facade in Blue, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil" ~ Photography by Paulo Heuser. An eye-opener!

I love this aqua gown!!! the fur...fantastic

Study the Functions of Motor Neurons of the Nervous System of Humans

Turquoise stones

Could I use seed beads as mosaic? Turquoise stones photo by Chantal de Bruijne ©

Amazing fashion shot of pretty blue eye make-up that matches a silk pale turquoise blue turban, nude lips, soft skin colours. Facial close up


would need to be blueberry blue! But super cute Aqua, Teal, Turquoise


Celadon - Chinese porcelain in shades of green. Two different shades of green: here is the famous celadon green (the lighter green) here presented with cobalt green (a blue green).

The lovely Iris Apfel tells OKL her definition of style!

Inspiring Life Lessons from the Legendary Iris Apfel