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See the infographic that compares and contrasts the Dermapen versus cosmetic laser treatments.

This Is What the Beauty Ingredients in Your Products Actually Do

Expert skin care tips for crystal clear skin layer, along with ideas about what foods items to consume to lessen the appeal of sun harm, protect elastin, produce collagen, + even complexion.

The things you should NEVER do to your face

If you have annoying skin irritation or acne flare-ups, this may be the reason.


Product Free Beauty Fixes - Cosmetology School & Beauty School in Texas - Ogle School

Acne cause

13 Things You Had No Idea Were Making You Break Out - Aesthetician and cosmetic chemist Mary Schook is about to shed some light on your acne situation.

what acne types you’re dealing with if you’re serious about treating it as soon as possible...Here is a list of the main types of acne and... acne is caused

Acne Types: How to Recognize What Kind of Acne You Have C.Spa-Boston, Skin & Massage Studio found this informative

Why do you need an #ultradetoxpeel? Exfoliation can help hyperpigmentation!

Why do you need an Exfoliation can help hyperpigmentation!